Since the beginning of Sir.T.Hospital, Bhavnagar Department of Radioldiagnosis has been an important and integral part of Hospital. Initially managed by honorary Radiologists, it became full time in 1990. Mainly Department is functional in the ground floor of old building of Sir-T Hospital. Department has all the necessary facilities & infrastructure as per the requirements of MCI for intake of 150 U.G. seats per year. Following inspection in October 2010, MCI granted permission to run 2(two) seats of M.D. (Radiodiagnosis) course from the academic year 2011-12. Department is also running training course of X-ray technicians. 

In its constant endeavour to serve the patients the department is well equipped with all the latest imaging equipments & the necessary expertise. The department functions in the old building of SIR-T Hospital, Trauma centre & new building of SIR-T Hospital. The Department has the following infrastructure:

  • Office of the Head of Department
  • Offices of teaching & paramedical staff
  • Residents room
  • All the offices are having facilities of computers & view box
  • Departmental library having all the latest books & journals with facility of internet connected with virtual library
  • Departmental museum
  •

The department has the following imaging modalities:

  • Static X-ray units:
    • 1 machine of 500 mA (Meditronics) (in ortho department)
    • 3 machines of 300mA (Philips) (one each in old building, new building &  department of pulmonary medicine)
    • 2 machines of 300 mA (Adonis) (one each in old & new building)
    • 1 machine of 100 mA (Wipro-GE) (in old building)
  • Mobile X-ray units: 1 machine of 100 mA (Meditronics) (in NICU)
    • 1 machine of 100 mA (L&T) (in ortho OT)
    • 1 machine 0f 100 mA (L&T) (in C.C.U.)
    • 1 machine of 60 mA (Wipro-GE) (in Trauma centre)
    • 1 machine of 40 mA (D.B.Tronics) (in Dental department)
  • .CR system for digital X-rays: 2 machines (Kodak) (in old building)
    • 1 machine (Kodak) (in new building)
  • Fluoroscopy unit with DSA: One machine of 800 mA ( Easy Diagnost-Philips) (in old building)
  • Mammography unit: One unit of 150 mA (Mammomat-Seimens) (in old building)
  • Static USG units: One unit of 3D with colour doppler with 5 probes (MyLab-40 Esaote) (in old   building)
    • One unit of 2D with 2 probes (Philips) (in uro-OT)
  • Portable USG units:
    • One unit of 2D with 2 probes (Edan-Esaote) (in old building)
    • One unit of 2D with 3 probes (L&T) (in su



Starting PG Course in radiology Department     

On 27 Oct.2010 there was MCI Inspection in Radiology department for starting
the PG course in the Department.Now MCI has permitted 2(Two) PG seat in the department from the 2011-2012 session.two student can take admission for postgraduation in Radiology.

started P.G. course    

The department has started 2(two) M.D. (Radiodiagnosis) seats from the academic year 2011-12.




UG examination pattern
Internal exam: The department conducts ward ending exam at the end of a 2-week clinical posting
It is divided into two parts: Theory examination in the form of MCQs.
Practical examination in the form of viva & spots.
Prelim examination: One question of Radio-diagnosis is asked in surgery theory paper-2
External exam: Same pattern as in prelim examination is followed in external examination.
PG examination pattern
Theory Exam:
Radiation Physics. Protective measures & Physics involving imaging techniques and related basic sciences e.g. Anatomy. Physiology and Pathology.

1) Radiations and production of X-rays
2) X-ray generators
3] Basic interactions between X-Rays and matter
4] Attenuation.
5] Filters and grids.
6] Luminescent screens.
7] Physical and Photographic characteristics of X-ray film & film processing
8] Fluoroscopic imaging -viewing and recording.
9] Radiographic image and its geometry.
10] Body section radiography.
11] Steroscopy.
12] Xeroradiography.
13] Computed tomography.
14] Ultrasound.
15] Radiation's hazards and protection.
16] Digital Radiogra


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