Before establissment of Medical college,Bhavnagar,Psychiatric service in Sir T.Hospital,Bhavnagar were provided by visiting Psychiatrist from Mental Hospital,Ahmedabad in form of OPD once in 15 days for about 1 year and thenafter by Honorory Psychiatrist from Bhavnagar in form of OPD ,twice in a week for about 10 years. Regular Psychiatric department of Medical College,Bhavnagar came into existence with appointment of Assistant professor of Psychiatry in Medical College,Bhavnagar in 1997-MAY. 

Currently in Departement of psychiatry have one Professor, One Associate professor and One Assistant professor as faculties. Anual intake of three M.D. Psychiatry.  Deaprtment of psychiatry provides daily Outdoor patient services with one unit of indoor patient ward having 40 beds capacity. 

Department of psychiatry provieds  Indoor and outdoor Electroconvulsive therapy, Electroencephalography & Biofeedback services.

Department of psychiatry have one clinical psychologist for Psychological evaluation.

Department of psychiatry have two psychiatry social workers they help patients.

6 days a week Monday to Saturday 9.00AM to 1.00PM, 5.00PM to 7.00PM

Gen Psychaitry,CGC(Child Guidance Clinic),Deaddiction Clinic

General Psychiatry and deaddiction

Recreation Facilites & Education

Group Therapy for alcohol User

    1. Pharmacotherapy
    2. Modified convulsive therapy
    3. Counselling and Psychotherapy
    1. I.Q. test
    2. EEG
    1. Clinic room with sitting arrangement for 30 students
    2. Seminar room with sitting arrangement for 30 students, Blackboard,Digital LCD Projector, OHP,educational Materials(OHPfilms,posters)
    1. Currently 400 books on the subject of Psychiatry
    2. Computer & Internet ,Virtual Library


   Dr.R.C.Maniyar Best Paper Awareded To. Dr. saurabh Shah At Saputara Gujarat State conference of Indian Psychiatry Society 2011     

Dr.R.C.Maniyar Best Paper Awareded To. Dr. saurabh Shah At Saputara Gujarat State conference of Indian Psychiatry Society 2011. " Delirium under diagnosed in Geriatric medically ill."

   Best paper in free paper session     

Association of social anxiety disorder with depression and quality of life among medical undergraduate students 

By Dr. Imran Ratnani And Dr. Smruti Karambelkar at annual conference of Indian Psychiatric Society Gujarat state branch at Ganpatiphule Maharastra 

in August 2014.





2. Rum ination Disord er in an A dult: A C ase R eport Ela v atsala S harm a

Deepak T iw ari Bharat P anchal ,Indian Psychiatric Society Western Zonal Branch

Volume 10, No.2, October 2009


1. Delirium in geriatric medically ill Deepak Tiwari, Bharat Panchal 

Jaladhi Trivedi, Saurabh Shah, Ela Sharma, Indian Psychiatric Society

Western Zonal Branch Volume 14, No.2, October 20


  • Undergraduate curriculum in Psychiatry consist of 25 theory lectures,each of 45 minutes taken in 8th and 9th semesters.i.e .3 MBBS,2 year.

  • The topic covered are introduction to Psychiatry,History taking and mental state examination,signs symptoms in Psychiatry,common Psychiatric disorders,organic psuchiatry,treatment methods in Psychiatry,legal Psychiatry and ethics.Clinical teaching is done for 4 weeks(devided into 2 weeks posting-twice)-3 hours each day.

  • It consists of demonstration of signs,history taking.

  • Mental state examination through demonstration,actual interview by students of patients,role-play etc.and diagnostic formulation.

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Department has participated in organization of street plays on Smoking Cessation in Sir Takhtsinhji Hospital Campus,Bhavnagar and Medical College,Bhavnagar.

  • Co-Curricular Activities:

    1. Department has organized Quiz on Dementia for Medical students of Bhavnagar for 3 consecutive years (2002 to 2004) to celebrate WORLD ALZHEIMERS DAY (21st September) and undergraduate Psychiatric quiz every year.

    2. Department has organized workshops on :
      1. Stress Management
      2. Rational Emotive Therapy
      3. CME on Epilepsy
    3. Attending Mental Health Camp

    4. Helpine Exam Stress-DSP ofifice 2006

    5. School-Students -Exam Stress

A theory conducted at the end of theory lecture programme.It is a exam.consisting of MCQ(50 marks), shortnotes(40 marks) and attendance(10 marks) (total 100 marks).Theory marks are counted for internal in 3rd MBBS (final year).

Practical exam is taken as ward examination at the end of each clinical posting.It carries 100 marks. Marks are counted for internal marks in Medicine (in 3rd MBBS/final year).

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