• Pathology department of Medical College Bhavnagar was started in July - August 1996.

  • At that time Sir T. Hospital was a Civil hospital & as in other hospitals there was a single laboratory in which all the work was carried out including Blood Bank. The building for the department was not built.

  • Slowly the department started functioning as the building was built, instrument & other things were purchased & in 97 March first batch of II M.B.B.S. students came to the department. In 2005 our department strated 2 seats of M.D. pathology. In 2019 our department had 8 M.D. Pathology seats. Now at present our department has 14 M.D. Pathology seats. 

  • Gradually the charge of the laboratory was handed over to pathology department.

  • The old Blood Bank was not as per norms of a blood bank associated with teaching hospital. So it had to be started in a renovated fashion which was ultimately done in July 2000.

  • Histopathology was also started & a full fledged department is existing since thereof.

  • At that time Sir T. Hospital was a Civil hospital & as in other hospitals there was a single laboratory in which all the work was carried out including Blood Bank. The building for the dep


DPD Lab and Indoor Lab has the following facilities...

Hematology  : All outdoor and indoor investigations    

Clinical Pathology : Carried out in Central Laboratory. Cytopathology         

Blood Bank : Full fledged  for 24 hours            


Histopathology: Laboratory along with slide projector, microscopes, histology slides & charts.      


Modernization: Cell counter, Cryostat, Coagulometer Cytospin are in the process of purchasing

Departmental library for staff members.

Computers for staff members with internet facility.





Publications of Pathology Department:


Research contribution in last five year    

Dissertations submitted to Bhavnagar University:-
FNAC of head and neck swellings � A Clinical study of 400 cases with cytohistopathological correlation of 180 cases - Dr. Lira Mahapatra in 2008
Study of haematological changes in Malaria Dr. Mayuri Thaker in 2008
A Histopathological study of Psoriasiform skin lesion biopsy Dr. Megha Yadav in 2009
Role of RBC Indices, Discriminant Functions, Cellulose Acetate and Agarose Gel Electrophoresis and HPLC in empirically treated cases of haemoglobin disorders ( A study of 50 cases ) Dr. Rekha Iyer in 2009
Role of cervical cytology and importance of the Bethesda System 2001 in patients with normal & abnormal looking cervix ( A study of 340 cases ) Dr. Lalji Valiya in 2010
Study of microalbuminuria in Diabetes and Hypertensive patients ( A study of 100 cases ) Dr. Vandana Patel in 2010

In 2019 (1). A study on Ki-67 labeling index in oral squamous cell carcinoma by Dr. Alpeshpuri P. Goswami

(2). Comparison of routine cytology findings with conventional Zieh


Post Graduations Rules Till 2017

PG Rules till 2017


(i) GOAL 
The broad goal of the teaching of undergraduate student in Pathology is provide students with  a comprehensive knowledge of the mechanisms and cause of disease,  in order to enable him/her to achieve complete understanding of the natural history and clinical manifestations of disease, and to prepare him to be a teacher of Pathology.

            At the end of the course, the student shall be able to:

(1) Describe the structure and ultrastructure of a sick cell, mechanisms of cell degeneration, cell death and repair and be able to correlate structure and functional alterations;

(2) Explain the pathophysiological processes which govern the maintenance of homeostatis, mechanisms of their disturbance and the morphological and clinical manifestations associated with it;

(3) Describe the mechanisms and patterns to tissue response to injury such that he/she can appreciate the pathophysiology of disease processes and their clinical manifestations;

(4) Correlate normal and altered morphology (Gross and Microscopic) of different organ systems in common diseases to the e



    • Date: 18TH SEPTEMBER 2016, SUNDAY
  • Contribution to College Souvenir every time by staff members.
  • Contribution to other activites like elocution competition or cultural programmes by guidance to the students from staff members.
  • Additional Superintendent of Sir. T Hospital of Bhavnagar University belongs to this Department.


  • Pathology Exam Pattern

            Exam Pattern PDF File


  • Pathology PG Paper

             MD Paper - 2018

             Diploma Paper - 2018


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