The subcommittee constituted by the medical council of the India for preparing pediatric curriculum syllabus for postgraduate medical students has made the following recommendations.


The subcommittee reviewed the objectives listed in the medical council of India. (MIC) document and refined them without deviating from the overall sprit. The subcommittee recommends that the objectives written hereunder be incorporated in the future documents of the MCI.


The broad goal of the teaching of students in Pediatrics aims at providing adequate knowledge and appropriate skills to handle health problems of children in order to ensure their optimal growth and development and intensive care to neonate and pediatric emergency

    • Department Objectives :
    • Objective :


    The course includes systematic instructions in growth and development, nutritional need of children, immunization schedules and management of common diseases of newborn infancy and childhood, community pediatrics and health education.



    The training in pediatrics should prepare the student to deliver preventive, promotive curative and rehabilitative services for care of children both in the community and at hospital as pert of



Teaching Staff

Professor         1

Associate Professor     3

Assistant Professor      5



Postgraduates Students

3rd year students(Registrar)     4

2nd year students         5

1st year students          5


Nursery Staff

in charged        3

staff nurses      36


Ward Distribution


Consulting room 3

Waiting room 2

Room for oral rehydiation therapy

Immunization center

Teaching room

Emergency room

Adolence Clinic room


Baby Medical Unit       - I

Well Baby Clinic room

30 beds for indoor patient

PICU - 4 bedded

Isolation room for diphtheria,tetanus,Measles & Infective Hepatitis

Baby medical unit - II & unit - 3

30 beds for indoor p to

Isolation room for diphtheria,tetanus,Measles & Infective Hepatitis

Neonatal intensive care unit


After 2014

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