The Department of Medicine was established with the establishment of the new college in 1996 when the post of Professor was filled. The department is situated at present on the building that houses the DTC. Initially there were only two units, on of which was headed by Honorary Assistant Professor but in due course regular teacher took over the unit. Initially the department faced a lot of problems in the form of lack of teachers and basic infrastructure. Now the department has all the facilities for undergraduate and post graduate teaching. Post Graduation was started in 2003 with the admission of two students. Facilities in the Department include the treadmill, a well equipped ICCU and a Dialysis unit, in fact the Dialysis Unit has become the USP of the Hospital with largest number of Dialysis in any of the Government Medical College in Gujarat. The department also runs two Diabetes Clinics, one in the Sir Takhatsinghji Hospital and another at the UHTC (Urban Health Training Center) in the heart of the city.

Faculties of the Department:

Designation Faculties Of The Department
Professor and Head of Department

Dr. Tejas N. Modi

Professor (Additional) Dr. K


  1. Hospital services

    • The Department of Medicine at Sir Takhatsinghji Hospital is totally dedicated to serve the poor patients of the society. It is not that other patients do not come. Patients come here for the specialized treatment of Acute and Chronic Renal Diseases, and whole spectrum of the society is reflected here.
    • Patients are treated on outdoor and indoor basis. Outdoor patients are treated in OPD no. 62, 63, 64 and indoor patients in wards 2, 10, Emergency Ward, ICCU and the Infectious Disease ward.
    • The department runs OPD on all six working days. There are four Medical Units.
    • Emergency services are provided 24 X 7 including national holidays.
    • The Diabetic Clinic OPD is run at UHTC on every Tuesday and Friday from 4 P.M. to 6 P.M. The idea to run Diabetes Clinic at UHTC is to provide facilities near theire home in the heart of the city.
  2. Dialysis Unit

    • Dialysis unit has become the pride of the hospital and the Department.
    • Since its inception in July 1996 it has progressed tremendously as can be seen from the table.
    • It is equipped by five fully computerized machines that are the best available in the country.
    • The first two machines were donated by Shree Veenu Bhai Sanghvi and her wife with a small contribution from the Government.
    • These machines were non computerized but served th


    • Basic
    • Genetic aspect of Disease
    • Pain
    • Headache
    • Cardinal Manifestation of Disease
    • Basic Physiology
    • CVS
    • Cardinal manifestation of Cardio Vascular Diseases
    • Non Invasive Techniques in CVS
    • Cardiac Arrhythmias and Anti Arrhythmic Agents
    • Heart Failure and drugs used in its management
    • Ischemic Heart Disease and drugs used in its management
    • Valvular Heart Disease
    • Congenital Heart Disease
    • Hypertension
    • Disease of Pericardium
    • Cardiomyopathies
    • Rheumatic Fever and its Prophylaxis
    • Infective Endocarditis
    • CNS
    • Basic Anatomy and Cardinal Manifestations of CNS Diseases
    • Diagnostic Techniques in CNS
    • Epilepsy and other Convulsive disorders
    • Cerebrovascular Disorders
    • Infections of CNS including Slow Virus Diseases
    • Parkinsonism Disease
    • Muscular Dystrophy and other Myopathies
    • Neuro Muscular Junction Disorders
    • Disease of Peripheral Nervous System
    • Demylenating diseases of the CNS
    • Organic Psychosis
    • GIT
    • Cardinal Manifestations of GIT disorders
    • Diagnostic Techniques in GIT diso


Actively participated in various cultural events at Medical College and won many Prizes and Certificates of appreciation. Actively participated and Organized Science of Life Exhibition at R.N.T. Medical College Udaipur and was awarded Merit Certificate for the same. Participated in Various All India Inter Medical College meets at AIIMS New Delhi and S.M.S. Medical College, Jaipur and won Prizes. Actively participated in various G.K. Competitions organized by the U.S.O. and was awarded Merit Certificate.


Dr. Panjwani is working as Associate Professor of Medicine in this department since April 2006. previously he had worked as Assistant Professor of Medicine at the same institute and at M.P. Shah Medical College Jamnagar.


Dr. Panna is working as Assistant Professor of Medicine.


Dr. Madhu is working as Assistant Professor of Medicine.


Dr. Vora is working as Assistant Professor of Medicine since 01/04/2002. he was associated with the Department of Medicine as Tutor in Medicine from 16/03/2000 to 31/03/2002. he did his M.B.B.S and M.D. from M.P. Shah Medical College Jamnagar. He passed his M.B.B.S. in the year 1994 and M.D. in 1999. he is Life Member of API & IMA. He was an active Executive member during the organization of Silver Jubilee APGCO held in Bhavnagar in 2003. His hobbies include Reading, Music and Traveling.

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Department Publication

    Dr. Tejas N. Modi (Professor & Head Of The Department)

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    Dr. Panna Kaushikbhai Kamdar (Associate Professor)

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    Dr. Divyang Hasmukhbhai Makwana (Senior Resident)

    Dr. Yogesh Gajananrao Kolamkar (Senior Resident)

    Dr. Harsh Anilkumar Chaudhary (Third Year Resident)

    Dr. Dinesh Ganeshbhai Chaudhary (Third Year Resident)

    Dr. Yogesh Vinodbhai Solanki (Third Year Resident)

    Dr. Sonal Satyendranath Misra (Third Year Resident)

    Dr. Chirag Bharatbhai Patel (Third Year Resident)