Extra Activity

Academic activity

Research work related to Dermoscopy :-

Completed projects : 

  • Clinical, dermoscopic and mycological association in onychomycosis in a tertiary care hospital. Dr. Daksha Vasava
  • Dermoscopy of congenital dermatoses in pediatric age group- An observational study. Dr. Prachi Gajjar
  • Dermoscopy of general dermatological conditions in Indian population – A descriptive study. Dr. Sunita Nayak
  • Dermoscopy of cutaneous vascular lesions: An observational study. Dr. Neha Agrawal
  • Dermoscopic study of different types of seborrheic keratosis by using polarized and non polarized mode.Dr. Bhavesh Sonagara

Ongoing project :

  • Dermoscopic study of Granulomatous disorders. Dr. Hita Mehta
  • Study of Dermoscopic findings in various types of Leprosy & its clinico-histopathological Association:An observational Cross-sectional study. Dr. Rashmi Agharia
  • Nailfold capillaroscopy to assess microcirculation in patients of diabetes Mellitus- An observational study. Dr. Arjun Prakashey
  • Trichoscopic finding of different scalp areas in healthy human being.An observational Cross sectional Study. Dr. Dilip Singh
  • To study the dermoscopic finding of Vitiligo to assess the disease activity . A Cross Sectional Observational Study. Dr. Manal Dave
  • Nail fold capillaroscopy in healthy individuals- An observation study. Dr. Amit Gorasiya
  • Dermoscopic features on non infectious dermatoses with Collarette Scales- An observational study.Dr. Manal Dave.

Special services :

Social services given by department :

  • Participated in school health activity for screening of dermatological disease in school children.
  • Weekly dermatological opd in jail for jail inpatients .
  • Organized Training on Modified Leprosy Elimination Program- TO MEDICAL OFFICERS AND AUXILLARY HEALTH WORKER MORE THAN 301999-2013
  • Training on RTI/STI/HIV/AIDS to medical officers and FHW/ANM more than 40 lectures-funded by GSACS
  • Specialist service for examination of mentally challenged children at ankur school on 23rd sept. 2007
  • Resource person in workshop on healthy sexual life organized by dept. Of continuing and adult education and extension work, held on 22-01-2008 at sub centre Bhavnagar
  • Lecture delivered on adolescence in mahila college bhavnagar.
  • Organized quiz on HIV/AIDS for UG students on 2000 at govt. medical college,bhavnagar
  • Training To Family Physian As A Part Of CME Programme on Skin,VD, Leprosy-In Family Medicine Sponsered By : Federation of Family Physians’ Association Of India Venue : District Training Center, Sir T. Hospital, Bhavnagar,2003
  • Attended many camps to treat patients at rural and urban places.

Extracurricular activity in department :

  • Residents actively participated in sports week organized by department.
  • Residents participated in dance and singing competition in college festival.


CME oraganized :

  • The State conference of Dermatology-Cuticon was organised in December 2007 in Bhavnagar.
  • PG CON Conference and Live Demonstration of Dermatosurgery 2016 .



Regular data collection & submission of :

1) Leprosy to NLEP through district leprosy officer (Bhavnagar).  

2) STI to NACO through STI councellor


Academic Meetings organised by Department of dermatology :

  • Leprosy day UG  quiz competition,along with sensitising UG students about leprosy on 30/01/2019 by Dermatology Department
  • Case presentation and collaborative discussion on clinico-histopathological association of Leprosy on 03/03/2019 by Residents of Dept of Dermatology and Pathology as in house CME.
  • Up dosing of antihistamines in Chronic spontaneous Urticaria on 11/04/2019  by Dr Shreya Somani  as in house CME.
  • Dermatopytosis : effective therapy is need of hour on 21/05/2019 by Dr. Milan Jhavar as in house CME.
  • Vitiligo (nursing staff lecture,cum sensitisation with street play) by 28/06/2019 on as Dr. Hita Mehta Lecture in  nursing college Bhavnagar.
  • Seborrheic dermatitis : role of key ingrediants of new era by Dr. Arjun Prakashey on 11/07/2019 as in house CME.
  • Polymarised chain reaction (PCR) by Dr D.R. Gangapur Faculty CSMCRI (Bhavnagar) on 14/08/2019
  • An unmet need : prevention and treatment of premature hair graying by Dr. Dharm Sondagar as in house CME
  • Management of superficial fungal infection by Dr. Twinkle Patel on 15/10/2019 as in house CME.
  • Interesting cases of dermatopathological correlation by Dr. Shreya Somani on 10/11/2019 as in house CME
  • Street play for Vitiligo awareness by dermatology residents on 25/06/2019.
  • Lecture entitiled Skin and health arranged for physiotherapy students by Dr. Hita Mehta on 08/03/2020 for Women’s day 
  • Leprosy day - awareness campaign for leprosy patients and training of physiotherapy students in rehabilitation of leprosy by dermatology residents on 30/01/2021.


Ongoing projects utilizing research lab :

    • Dermoscopic study of Granulomatous disorders HOD
    • Study of moisture content on various skin sites in different seasons in Indian population –Completed and Published (HOD has been given laurel grant for the project  in 2014 )
    • Comparative study of efficacy of oral Fluconazole vs amorolfine 5% nail lacquer in patients of Onychomycosis
    • Dermoscopic study of different types of seborrhic keratosis by using Polarised and Non-polarised mode
    • Dermoscopy of cutaneus vascular lesions: An observational study
    • To study the relationship by the skin elasticity and its influence on development of Acne lesion-A cross sectional study
    • Evaluation of effectiveness of autoimplantation therapy in comparison to BCG vaccine in multiple warts. A randomized control trial.
    • Double arm randomized controlled study comparing the efficacy of platelet rich plasma and local application of 2% THBG (Alpha Glucoside derivative of trihoxybenzoic acid) in patients of facial melasma.
    • Efficacy and safety of iontopheresis combined sodium salicylate in plantar keratoderma
    • Efficacy of low level laser therapy in androgenetic alopecia-A randomized control trial
    • Study of Dermoscopic findings in various types of Leprosy & its clinico-histopathological Association: An observational Cross-sectional study
    • Evaluation of effectiveness of autoimplantation therapy in comparison to bcg vaccination in multiple warts. - A randomized control trial
    • Trichoscopy of normal scalp areas in healthy human beings- An observational study
    • Nailfold capillaroscopy in healthy individuals - An observational study
    • Efficacy of oral vitamin d3 in addition to topical clobetasol proprionate 0.05% cream in patients of chronic plaque psoriasis- a randomized controlled trial
    • Comparative study of dermaroller and electroporation methods of application of 5FU in treatment of vitiligo- A randomized controlled trial
    • To study the dermoscopic finding of vitiligo to assess the disease activity - A cross sectional observational study