Extra Activity

Department of Ophthalmology, Medical College, Bhavnagar is actively participating in all the activities of N.P.C.B. The district blindness control society office is located in the department. DR N.V .PAREKH, associate professor, is serving as the programmer officer N.P.C.B for bhavnagar district.

  • Extra Curricular Activities:
    1. Birthday parties of staff members.
    2. Birthday parties of students.
    3. Amusement tours-2/years


  • Co-Curricular Activities:
    1. Symposia on different subject 4/year
    2. Membership of bhavnagar ophthalmological society.
    3. Conducted workshops on diff subjects 4/year.
  • Cataract Surgery:

Since, last 5 years bhavnagar district & medical college ,bhavnagar have achieved more than 100% of the target alloted. the N.G.O.s also participate in the activity.free I.O.L are implanted in all patients.foldable acrylic I.O.L are used in the department and free implantation is done.

  • School Eye Screening:

All the schools of the district are covered and all needy children have been provided free spectacles, children needing surgery have been operated free of cost.

  • Vitamin A Supplementation:

Along with the school eye screenizng vitamin A supplementation is done in all school going children and in other children also.

  • I.E.C Activity:

I.E.C activity is carried out inform of exhibitions creating awareness for proper eye care. Pamphlets , posters,charts & strickers are displayed and distributed through out the district.

  • Eye Donation

Eyes are collected whenever a cell is received and eye donation formight is celebrated every year from 25th august 9th september. Slogan competition is organized for students.

  • Eye Camps

Eye camps are regularly held through out the district in the diagnostric & operative vans provided by the government.dr.d.bachani A.D.D.G government of india was specially present for the inauguration.

  • C.M.E

C.M.E are organized regularly for ophthalmic assistants,paramedical staff ,medical officers & health workers. Dr. N.V. Parekh has prticipated in C.M.E programmes under N.P.C.B at A.I.I.M.S New Delhi from 11 june 97 to 14 june 97 & 27 to 30 octobar 98 .he also participated in community ophthalnology conference ar pune on 25 & 26 may 2002 in which dr.mrs.r.jose.D.D.G (ophthalmology) Government of india was a faculty.