Department was established in 1995 in old building in sir takhtsinhji hospital campus with annual intake capacity of 50 students. In March 2000 department was shifted to newly construct spacious college building near state transport depot. Department is located on fourth floor and has infrastructure adequate to cater the need of 150 admissions per year. In the academic year 2006-07 with permission of medical council of india intake capacity is raised to 100 students per year. Department also participate in teaching laboratory methods in Microbiology to students of medical laboratory technicians training course run by directorate of medical education and research, govt. of gujarat for inservice and outside candidates over and above undergraduate course leading to m.b.b.s. degree Department wishes to start postgraduate (m. d.) course in subject of Microbiology and expect inspection from medical council of india in october 2006 Govt. of gujarat has decided to apply to central government to raise undergraduate admission capacity to 150 from academic year 2007-08.

Head of the Department


For Teaching and Training

  • Lecture hall - expandable up to 200.
  • Demonstration/tutorial rooms - Capacity 85 seats
  • Clinical Microbiology laboratory - Capacity 100 seats
  • Experimental Microbiology laboratory - Capacity 100 seats
  • Research, Clinical Microbiology & Microbiology research laboratories
  • Teaching aids - LCD projector, Overhead projectors, Automatic & manual slide projectors
  • software for computer aided learning, simulation experiments etc.
  • VRDL establishment proposal approved by DHR - ICMR.


Instruments available in the department

Total No of Instruments and Equipment are 156.

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NABL Accreditation  

 Microbiology Laboratory, LSSTH, Bhavnagar is NABL Accreditated

Star Achievement Award  

 Star achievement award of the year 2009 for top performance in ICTC to sir T Hospital bhavnagar

Award of Excellence  

 Award of excellence 2009 - 10 Sir T Hospital bhavnagar ICTC general for vatsayan kendra

 Dr. S.S.Malek - Microcon - 2008, Ahmedabad, State level conference - oral paper presentation - won 1st prize. Dr. S.S.Malek - won 1st prize in quiz held at workshop on simple diagnostic methods in clinical microbiology at JIPMER, Pondichery.

Star Achievement Awards  

 - Award received from GSACS, "Star achiever for the year 2010 for the best performance in ICTC activity".

 - Award received from GSACS, "Star achiever for the year 2012 for the best performance in ICTC activity".


  CME on Antimicrobial resistance - "Current problem & possible solution".

1. GOAL:
The broad goal of the teaching of undergraduate students in microbiology is to provide and understanding of the natural history of infectious disease in order to deal with the etiology, pathogeneses, laboratory diagnosis , treatment and control of infections in the community and to prepare him to be a teacher of microbiology.
At the end of the course, the student shall be able to:
1. State the infective micro- organisms of the human body and describe the host parasite relationship;
2. List pathogenic micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses,parasites fungi) and describe the pathogenesis of the diseases produce by them;
3. Indicate the modes of transmission of pathogenic and opportunistic organism and their sources, including insect vectors responsible for transmission of infection;
4. Describe the mechanisms of immunity to infections;
5. Acquire knowledge on suitable antimicrobial agents for treatment of infections and scope of immunotherapy and different vaccines available for prevention of communicable disease;
6. Apply methods of disinfection and sterilization to control and prevent hospital and community acquire infections;
7. Recommend laboratory investigations regarding bacteriological examination of food water milk and air.
 At the end of the course the student


Co-curricular Activities

  • Contribution to College Souvenir every time by staff members
  • Contribution to other activities by guidance to the students from staff members
  • Museum of microbiology department large number of exclusive charts and models which are frequently visited by concern students

Three Internal credit exanination- Theory and Practical
Two Internal Examination - Theory and Practical out of 40 marks 
Prelims- Two papers each of 40 marks and practical of 40 marks 
University- Two papers each of 40 marks 
Practical 25 marks and viva 15marks
Internal Marks -15 marks each for Theory and Practical

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Department Publication

    Dr. Kairavi Jwalantbhai Desai (Professor & Head Of The Department)

    Dr. Ravindra D Jadeja (Associate Professor)

    Dr. Nileshkumar Dhanjibhai Patel (Associate Professor)

    Dr. Shirishkumar Manubhai Patel (Assistant Professor)

    Dr. Saklainhaider s Malek (Assistant Professor)

    Dr. Pooja J Dholakiya (Tutor)

    Dr. Jatin Shashikant Sarvaiya (Tutor)

    Dr.Beena Jagad (Tutor)

    Dr. Harsh Vinubhai Singel (Senior Resident)

    Dr. Nidhi Barot (Second Year Resident)

    Dr. Aditi Gaur (First Year Resident)

    Dr. Shital Vala (First Year Resident)

    Dr. Ishita Kundaria (First Year Resident)