Department of Radiotherapy and Oncology is functional since 2008 in Sir T General Hospital and associated Government Medical College, Bhavnagar. The department was opened under guidance of Dean Dr B D Parmar and Dr Arvind Sisodia is pioneering person to head the department and to develop it with full fledge facility of chemotherapy. Full week OPD from Monday to Saturday is running to attend outdoor patients for further management. Eight bedded day care ward is available to treat all cancer patients. All kind of curative chemotherapy, targeted therapy and palliative chemotherapy for all solid malignancies and lymphomas are available and administered daily.


Upcoming Facility & Fund Allocated to Procure


  1. 1. New premise ‘Cancer Care Hospital’, a four floor building is constructed completely in the campus of Sir T General Hospital. Cancer Care Hospital is equipped with 72 bedded indoor ward and 10 bedded day care ward. Operation Theatre with observation room for brachytherapy procedure and bunker for upcoming Radiation facility is ready with AERB (atomic energy regulatory board) approval.
  2. 2. State Government allocated fund to purchase High Energy Linear Accelerator and CT Simulator and HDR Brachytherapy ma

Teaching and Clinical Staff










Assistant Professor




Departmental Facility


1 . Lecture Theatre         

Number- Nil

Seating capacity- Nil

2. Demonstration Room               

Number- Nil

Seating Capacity- Nil

3. Museum        

No. of Specimen- Nil

Charts- Nil

Model- Nil

4. Library             

No of books- Nil


5. Research Laboratory 

Instruments- Nil


6. Clinical Room

Number- Nil

Seating Capacity- Nil

7. Seminar Room             

Number- Nil

Seating Capacity- Nil

8. Audio-Visual Teaching Aids    

Desktop(PC)- 1, Projector- Nil, Audio System- Nil


9. Office Accommodation          



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