In year 1995 a new Medical college was established in Bhavnagar along with this. The present Anatomy dept.came into existence.First made shift department was established in the old TB ward,with a small Lateval extension. Intially it has the capacity of 50 students. A large Banyan tree gauvded the entrence of the Department.The Building was small & compact with all functional unit.

In year 2000,The department shifted to a huge palacial building on the 5th floor having a panoramic view of the city.The new building has laboratory and big Museum. In the year 2006 the capacity of the department increased to 100 students. In the year 2011 the capacity of the department increased to 150 students.

  1. Dissection hall which can accommodate 150 students.
  2. Museum which contains preserved specimens, charts, models, skeleton (articulated) and X-ray boxes.
  3. Seminar hall for staff members.
  4. Departmental library for staff members.
  5. Histology laboratory along with slide projector, microscopes, histology slides & charts.
  6. Demonstration halls.
  7. Research laboratoty containing microtome, antoclavc, triple distillation plant.
  8. Lockers for every student.
  9. Mortuary and embalming room.
  10. LCD projector & OHP projectors.
  11. Bone store contain articulated & non articulated bones.
  12. Specimen preparation room.
  13. Body donation room.
  14. Body cutter.
  15. Television & CD/DVD/VCD player.
  16. Computers for staff members with internet facility.

Lt. Dr. Vishnuram Jatashankar Trivedi Gold Medal for securing highest marks in all MD/MS PG students

  • Human anatomy is basic science,the course is devised so as the student at the end of 1st year have gained the basic skill in gross anatomy i.e.structures and there interrelationship. In histology,embryology, neuroanatomy and genetics.
  • Knowledgen of gross anatomy is gained through dissection, supplemented by studying of surface anatomy, X-ray & CT scan plates of normal human body.
  • Histology knowledge by studying prepared section of various tissues. Under microscope correlating it with Atlas & Lectures & Journal.
  • Embrylogy through lectures, models & chick embryosection studies.
  • Neuroanatomy knowledge is given by lectures, studying gross dissection. Genetics through lectures & study of charts.

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  • Museum of anatomy department have large number of exclusive charts & models, which are frequently visited by various Schools and Institution.
  • Anatomy department conduct dissection, demonstration with surgery and ENT department regularly.

There are two parts of Examinations

  • Theory
  • Practical

There are internal test and University exam. Internal tests are conducted in 3 part ending test. 1 preliminary exam is taken for theory,practical & viva-voce. It carries 20% weightage of total marks. At the end of 1st year University exam is taken.


Theory : Two papers


50 marks each 100
Internal marks 20
Viva voce 20
Practical 140
University 40
Internal 20




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