Department of Dentistry was established in year 1996 after the establishment of medical college. The dental wing was working since last 50 years in Sir. T. General hospital, Bhavnagar.

Dept. of Dentistry is developed and flourished in various branches of dentistry since last 10yrs. Specialized quality of treatment is offered to the patients seeking dental treatment for various dental diseases coming from bhavnagar district and various parts of state and country along with NRI patients. Dental dept is working hard to encourage medical tourism by providing services in prosthetic dentistry, implant surgical prosthodontics, orthodontic dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, periodontics and maxillofacial trauma cases.

Dental department is organizing various dental health and evaluation program for common public and continuing dental education for dental professionals as well as staff.

Department has totally 14 rooms including large, well ventilated OPD room, dental museum, scrub room, laboratory implant OT, recovery room and separate chambers for clinical and nursing staff along with filtered drinking water neat and tidy toilets and wash room with sitting arrangement for patients.

Following facilities and clinical staff is offered to the patients:

  1. Separate implant OT with fully electrical fibre-optic dental chair with unit along with physiodispensor and 2 implant surgical kits are available with the facility of bone augmentation and advanced implantology.
  2. Chair side x-ray machine with RVG machine for pre-operative and post-operative evaluation and comparison thereby an important tool for telemedicine concept.
  3. Light Cure machine for tooth coloured restoration, cosmetic dentistry and esthetic orthodontia, various world class brands of Composite and dental materials as per reality rating are available in the dept.
  4. Latest equipments with latest micro-mixing systems available for fixed and removable prosthodontics, separate maxillofacial prosthetics unit is also active for rehabilitation of oral cancer patients.
  5. Orthodontia is well flourished with both removable and fixed appliances including Begg's and PEA-techniques for various types of malocclusions, interceptive and preventive orthodontics, growth modification for skeletal jaw discrepancy in growing children and presurgical orthodontics for adult patients requiring orthognathic surgery for skeletal jaw discrepancy
  6. Other 3 chairs with units are available with all attachments in OPD segment for exodontias, trauma and other routine dental procedures.
  7. Separate dental laboratory for removable prosthodo


1.    Introduction
2.    Dev. of Teeth & Stomatognathic Sys.
3.    Anatomy and Physiology of Sto. Sys. - I
4.    Tempero Mandibular Joint.
5.    Common Disease of oral cavity - I.
6.    Common Disease of oral cavity - II.
7.    Oral Manifestation of sys. Disease - I.
8.    Oral Manifestation of sys. Disease - II.
9.    Oral Manifestation of HN and its Prevention.
10.    Cysts & Tumors of HN & its Prevention.
11.    Diagnosis and Preliminary Management of Maxillo - Faciac Trauma & Exodontia.
12.    Local Anesthetic Agents & its Technique of Adminstration & Lomplication.
13.    Medical Energencies In Dental Practice.
14.    Prevention of Dental Disease.

  1. Conducting, Counselling & Compaign for tobacco de-addiction.
  2. Arranging community, health & education program.
  3. Arranging orientation & awareness programs for urban & rural areas.
  4. Managing rehabilition for congital defect like lift lip & palats & surgical rehabilition for post-cancer management.
  5. Conducted poster - making competetion for motivational & orientation of medical students & community.

University Examination

"Allied with Surgery Deaprtment"


Internal Assessment Examinations

II Internal Assessment Examinations and I 
(End of VII & VIII semester respectively)

Theory Paper I two sections 60
Multiple Choice Questions 20
Viva - oral 20
Total Theory 100
Practical Exercises as above 50


III Internal assessment Preliminary Examination (In V semester)

Theory Paper I two sections 40
Paper II two sections 20
Oral (Viva) 100
Total Theory 50
Practical Exercises as above 50
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