Examination Pattern

Internal evaluation of P.G. students performance during three years.

I year of M.D. Students:

Assessment of student with multiple choice questions multiple short notes covering wide range of topics and practical examination with attention to history taking. Clinical skills, relevant diagnostics and therapeutic plan ascertained. Suggested time of evaluation after first six months and at the end of the first year rotation

II year of M.D. Students;

Students should be evaluated at the end of the II year on the theory and practical examination along with one faculty from General Medicine. For other specialties with short rotation of one month may evaluate the candidate for comprehension of the subject and clinical skills.

III year of M.D. Students:

P.G.�s should be evaluated at the beginning of his 3rd year training by panel of senior postgraduate teachers. Suggested pattern of assessment with two type theory papers and multiple choice questions (200)- clinical skills, diagnostic and therapeutics skills evaluated intermittently by unit faculties.

Mock examination suggested � 3 to 4 months prior to final University exam should consist of two question papers each 3 hours duration, and clinical and viva voce similar to university examination under the supervision of seminar faculty.

Results of evaluation should be entered into P.G.�s diary and department file documentation purposes. Main Purpose of periodic examination and accountability is to ensure clinical expertise of students with practical and communication skills and balance broader concept of diagnostic and therapeutic challenges.

Dissertation :

  1. Every candidate pursuing MD/MS degree course is require to carry out work on a selected research project under the guidance of a recognized post graduate teacher. The results of such a work shall be submitted in the form of a dissertation
  2. The dissertation is aimed to train a post graduate students in research methods and techniques. It includes identification of a problem formulation of a hypothesis, search and review of literature, collection of data, critical analysis. comparison of results and drawing conclusions.
  3. Every candidate shall submit to the Registrar (Academic) of RGUHS in the prescribed proforma, a synopsis containing particulars of proposed dissertation work six months from the date of commencement of the course on or before the dates notified by the University, The synopsis shall be through the proper channel.
  4. Such synopsis will be reviewed and the dissertation topic will be registered by the University. No change in the dissertation topic or guide shall be made without prior approval of the University.
  5. The dissertation should be written under the following headings:
    1. Introduction
    2. Aims or Objectives of study
    3. Review of Literature
    4. Material of Methods
    5. Results
    6. Discussion
    7. Conclusion
    8. Summary
    9. References ( Vancouver style)
    10. Tables
    11. Annexures
  6. The written text dissertation shall be not less than 50 pages and shall not exceed 150 pages excluding references, tables questionnaires and other annexure. It It should be neatly typed in double line spacing on one side of paper ( A4 size , 8.27� x 11.29� ) and bound properly. Spiral binding should be avoided. The dissertation shall certified by the guide , head of the department and head of the Institution.
  7. Four copies of dissertation thus prepared shall be submitted to the Registrar ( Evaluation ) , six months before final examination on or before the dates notified by the University.
  8. The dissertation shall be valued by examiners appointed by the University. Approval or dissertation work is an essential precondition for a candidate to appear in the University examination.
  9. For some more details regarding Guide etc. Please see chapter I and for books on research methodology, ethics stc. See chapter IV.

Scheme of Examination:

Candidate will be allowed to appear for examination only if attendance ( Minimum 80%) and internal assessment are satisfactory and dissertation is accepted. 


Paper-I Medical,Surgical & Public Health Aspect of TB
Q. 1to 4 L.Q. 20 marks each
Q-5. 2 short notes 10 marks each 100 marks
Paper-II General Medicine
Q. 1to 4 L.Q. 20 marks each
Q.5 4 short notes 5 marks each 100 marks
Paper-III Disease of chest other than TB
Q. 1to 4 L.Q. 20 marks each
Q-5. 2 short notes 10 marks each 100 marks
Paper_IV MCQ or Answer Shortly 100 marks